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The Michigan Progressive will deal specifically with the politics of Michigan. Michigan is a blue state but there are pockets of red. West Michigan in particular has large blocks of red Congressional districts. The Democrats have just taken a majority in the House in Lansing and re-districting is going to be an issue that they need to address; A part of the Heartland Progressive Blogsite.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006
MI-02 Hoekstra's Dillema
On Tuesday Pete Hoekstra was re-elected to Congress from the 2nd district of Michigan. This will be Hoekstra's 8th term in Congress, even though, he promised the people of west Michigan that he would not serve more than six terms.

Pete Hoekstra promised the people of west Michigan that he would not take PAC money for his campaigns but he lied about that too. The Federal Elections Commission reports that Hoekstra accepted Hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate PACs during this and previous election cycles.

Rep. Hoekstra has been serving as the Chairman of The House Select Committee on Intelligence during his past term, but this is comming to an end in January when the Democrats will assume all committee chairs and herein lies the problem for Rep. Hoekstra; how is he going to continue the cover-up of administration and committee wrongdoing as a minority member of the committee? answer; he can't.

The Heartland Progressive will begin publishing two additional blogs beginning soon. The first will be The Michigan Progressive which will address Michigan politics exclusively and the second will be called Shadow Pete where we will expose issues of corruption related to Rep. Peter Hoekstra. The local media in west Michigan has done a disservice to the constiuents of the 2nd district by refusing to investigate and publish stories related to Pete Hoekstra's alledged corruption. The two biggest offenders are The Holland Sentinel and the Muskegon Chronicle. The Michigan Progressive and Shadow Pete will remind these newspapers of their responsibilities.
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